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A Sleep Aid that Works

Finally, a sleep aid that does what it promises! The SILENT SNOOZ®, made in Glen Head, New York, is a clinically proven snoring solution guaranteed to help you sleep better. It was invented by our Founder, who has also invented several other inhalation devices.
Our SILENT SNOOZ® uses three methods to reduce your snoring. First, the nasal dilator opens up the pathways in your nose, allowing you to breathe freely without needing to open your mouth. Next, it acts as a extremely light acupressure on the septum and gently massages and stimulates the trigeminal nerves, which naturally opens the nasal airways, the sinuses and throat. Last, our scented varieties provide further relief by relaxing you, opening the sinuses, relieving snoring and sleep deprivation.

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Unscented Fragrance Free

Our basic, Unscented version of the SILENT SNOOZ®, delivers maximum relief and is fragrance free. This product helps provide free breathing, which in turn reduces fatigue, irritability and anxiety. Like all of our products, the Unscented version is clinically proven to reduce snoring in more than 85% of people, reusable for 30 days, is discreet and uses no tape or adhesives. (We are Drug and Latex Free)

Soothing Eucalyptus
If your snoring is caused by nasal congestion, nasal allergies or sinus congestion , you should try our  SILENT SNOOZ® with Soothing  Eucalyptus which acts as a drug free decongestant . Each breath you take with the nasal dilator in place will gently open up your nasal passageways providing reduced snoring and freer breathing. The nasal dilator can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water, and the scent won't be washed away. (We are Drug and Latex Free)

Calming Lavender
For additional snoring relief, try our Calming Lavender nasal dilator.
This SILENT SNOOZ® version provides the same opening effects for your nasal passageways, with the added benefit of a lavender scent. Lavender is known to act as a calming agent. The light lavender scent will calmly help you fall asleep and maintain a restful snore free evening for you and your bed mate. Like the other versions, it is discreet and uses no tape or adhesives.

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